Welcome to Morning Call for October 25, 2021, and the Top for today.  You can also search our Archives for older news stories by date.  

AirInsight US Airline Index

Commercial Aviation

  • brings back A380 for Sydney route from December 2021 – AeroTime
  • Qantas will bring two of its Airbus A380s out of deep storage from the Mojave Desert – AirLive
  • Airbus wins first A320 flight hour services maintenance contract in Europe with Finnair – ABN
  • SAF producer LanzaJet sees fuel price parity ‘just around the corner’ – FlightGlobal
  • ATC error caused a serious runway incursion at San Diego Airport – AirLive
  • FAA boss reports relationship ‘reset’ with Boeing – AIN

Business Aviation

  • Embraer bizjet deliveries rise 25% year to date – AIN
  • MT introduces ‘Silent 7’ turboprop propeller – AIN


  • Long-haul single-pilot ops face turbulence:  AIN
  • SkyWest cancels and delays thousands of flights – CNN
  • Frustrated LATAM creditors seek mediation on exit – AJOT
  • FAA proposes more rest time for flight attendants – TravelPulse

 Urban Mobility

  • Bumper news: EHang continues its media onslaught – UAMN
  • Meet XPeng Motors – Twitter

Social Media

  • You can now buy flights from a vending machine in Japan – to Mystery Destinations – T+L
  • Planes landing in formation – Twitter
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