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June 24, 2024
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-Two regulatory requirements, the first for ADSB-out, which costs about $90,000, and the second an Airworthiness Directive (2012-17-05) for the Honeywell TFE731-4 and -5 engines, which will cost about $350,000, will result in an estimated 700 older business jets likely retiring on 1/1/2020.


The Honeywell TFE731-4 and -5 were popular engines, powering certain Cessna, Dassault, and Hawker business jets.  With two engines per airplane plus ADSB, the cost of compliance is about $790,000 per aircraft.  For a number of older models, that is as high as or close to the value of the aircraft.  Essentially, the economics make the aircraft beyond economic repair.  

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Ernest Arvai
President AirInsight Group LLC