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May 20, 2024
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As we get ready for this week’s first flight of the 787-9 it is a good time to review the 787 order book to see how the program is evolving.  The following chart breaks down orders to date by model.

9-16-2013 9-00-50 AMThe -8 has been around the longest but interest in the -9 is growing fast.  A number of airlines have converted their -8 orders to the -9 variant. The following table lists conversions from the -8 to the -9. Not on the tabel are Air Canada and Singapore who may have also undertaken conversions but there are no public details. 9-16-2013 10-43-55 AM

These changes come from some of the biggest  airlines and could be a sign of future orders.  Indeed we can see that as Boeing has brought on the larger models, interest in these have grown at the expense of the -8.

9-16-2013 9-23-59 AM

Since 2010 the -8 has attracted less interest than the larger models.  The -9 has significantly better economics than the -8: 14% more passenger capacity plus 6% better range with rumored 8% seat cost improvement.  Boeing has learned from the development of the -8 and the -9 is apparently at or near its target weight.  It would be no surprise to expect Boeing to be delighted to see customers convert to the -9 because it is likely a more profitable model for the company.  Going forward we expect to see the larger models account for more than half future orders.

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