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June 25, 2024
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9-11-2013 3-01-55 PMPhoto CC-BY-SA MilborneOne

Rolls-Royce announced that EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) has issued type certification for the higher efficiency and thrust “Package C” version of its Trent 1000 engine. The 74,000 pound thrust engine will power Air New Zealand’s first 787-9 when this version enters service next year. This new engine is also available for the existing 787-8.

The 787-9 is due for its first flight soon.

Rolls-Royce is working on another upgrade to the powerplant, called the Trent 1000-TEN (Thrust, Efficiency and New technology) due for EIS in 2016. This engine will deliver 78,000 pounds of thrust and can power all 787 types – including the recently launched 787-10.

Rolls-Royce notes its Trent 1000 has delivered dispatch reliability of better than 99.9% since EIS with the 787 in 2011 — which is a record for a widebody aircraft engine.

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