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After a three year delay, Boeing has finally delivered the first 787 to ANA.  This is a significant step, and congratulations are in order to Boeing for their perseverance under a set of extraordinary difficulties, albeit some self-inflicted.  Now, however, come the real problems — ramping up the production line, establishing a second line with new personnel far from the experienced supervisors in Seattle, and maintaining quality and schedule during that process.  We hope Boeing will have better luck with the production process than it did in the development process.  While it is a day for celebration in Seattle, a lot of hard work remains until the program can be considered stable and profitable.

Congratulations to ANA on being the first to fly a new technology aircraft and taking the risk as a launch customer.  ANA has been patiently awaiting the airplane for three years, and we look forward to a successful introduction into service in the fourth quarter.  We wish Boeing and ANA the best of success with their new aircraft.

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