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May 26, 2024
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Teal Group’s Richard Aboulafia took an unusual way of looking back at 9/11. Richard describes how the impact of 9/11 has played out. His view is that the sad day did not create the long term impact one might have expected. Yes, it was a horrible day. But looking back, the damage to the economy and aviation industry was not as bad as many expected.


1 thought on “9/11 Podcast – Looking back in an analytical way

  1. Good grief, where to start?

    Ask any of the hundred thousand plus employees furloughed never to be recalled? How about the $20B annual passenger spend lost and gone forever? And the 30% enduring loss in economic value of airline careers?

    I wish Richard WAS right, but sadly, not even close. Perhaps he cannot see the forest for the trees?

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