Cabin automation is a rapidly growing area within the airline industry.  Airlines seem bent on deploying automation wherever they can.  Cabin automation benefits from using the same thinking as EFBs – tablet computers.  The benefits of moving into cabin automation are straightforward for an airline.

But it is also of great value to passengers because it allows a flight attendant to have customer information at their fingertips. This means empowering a flight attendant to perform CRM actions on the fly.  The greatest benefits come from aircraft with connectivity of course, as information flows off the aircraft and a resolution can come back to the passenger – ideally within minutes.

As anyone who has used Twitter to communicate with an airline can attest, airlines are rapidly become adept at using technologies to improve their customer interactions.  Cabin automation is a logical next step in this process and, hopefully, will be adopted forthwith. We might not ever see a global airline seat standard, but airlines can empower their people to make a journey as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Here is Allegiant Systems head of Marketing describing their firm’s cabin automation solution.

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