The Joint Authorities Technical Review released its Final Submittal_to_FAA_ on the certification of the Boeing 737 MAX Flight Control System late last week and was highly critical of both Boeing and the FAA.  That 28 member committee was chaired by Christopher Hart (former NTSB Chairman) and included members from the FAA, NASA, and civil aviation authorities from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, European Union, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and the UAE.

The FAA chartered the JATR to review the certification process and assess whether the aircraft was in compliance with applicable standards related to the flight control systems and its interfaces, including the MCAS system.  The committee also focused on flight crew training and the operational suitability of the design.

The committee came up with twelve major recommendations, which were critical of both FAA procedures and Boeing’s role in the certification process.  Those recommendations are needed to change the FAA-Boeing relationship and restore regulatory balance into the system.

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