ATR, the European turboprop maker, is touring the United States and Canada with an ATR72-600.  This is their top of the line model.  The aircraft is powered by P&WC PW127 engines.  A revised version of that engine is now in use by Avianca, the PW127N, which provides more hot and high power.


We met the aircraft and ATR team in Charlotte, where the aircraft is on display to attendees of the annual RAA conference.  RAA airlines are among the primary targets for the aircraft.  To date, the market has been either using old turboprops or deploying the ATR’s competitor, the Q400. The new ATR can also effectively compete with 50-seater regional jets ATR claims.

John Moore, ATR’s Chief of Global Sales explains what the goal of their mission is showing the aircraft in North America.

We were fortunate to get a chance to fly on the aircraft as well.  ATR were especially kind enough to allow us to video the take off and climb of the demo flight. Pardon the hand held camera shake.

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