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May 20, 2024
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Airbus released their 3Y13 O&D numbers.  Here are two charts to illustrate their data.

10-4-2013 2-16-54 PMAirbus has seen much more action in its single aisle aircraft.  Of these the A318 is clearly not looking at a bright future.  The A319 also looks rather soft.   The A320 and A321 orders and deliverie4s look very strong.  Especially the A321 which offers a compelling alternative for airlines replacing 757s.   The A330 soldiers on, now also doing the work the A340 used to.  It is also doing respectably against the much more modern 787.   For many airlines the predictability of the A330 (in delivery dates and performance) make it the low risk option in its segment.  Airlines are all about de-risking their business.  Airbus is confident this aircraft has many years left, and if it gets more updates, we think they are probably correct.  The A350 got good orders so far this year. Airbus seems to have a good handle on the program and we do not foresee any more delays.  This program offers the company great promise.  Then there is the A380.  Airbus seems to have production well and truly settled into a rhythm, but orders are scant.

10-4-2013 2-26-51 PMLooking at the data in the double pie, we get this.  One can see Airbus’ dependency on the single aisle market. For twin aisle orders the A350 is very important.


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