Yesterday Airbus provided their monthly update.  Here’s our updated model.

Airbus is having an order blowout year – which is not the way it looked even after the summer Paris airshow.  It has the products the airlines and want – specifically the A321neo/LR/XLR.  On the first page note how the 2019 orders for the A321neo far outstrip the A320neo.  This is the first we have seen this.

There seems to be a strong move towards larger single-aisle aircraft.  On Page 4 notice how Delta is not only still #1 for deliveries. Notice also what it is taking delivery of – the A220-100 and the A321ceo/neo.  Delta is an industry bellwether and we think these deliveries are going to be highly disruptive in the US and in the intra-Americas.   The A330-900 is also likely to provide the with longer-haul flights across the Pacific.

Airbus has to deliver 135 aircraft this month to meet its annual target.  November saw 77 deliveries.  This will be a tough goal to meet.

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