Yesterday we were invited to hear Airbus’ John Leahy deliver their North America GMF.  The ~45 minute presentation included numerous funny quips about his “competitor in Seattle”. We recommend you listen here (leahy 12.1.2011) while watching the slides to get a near live experience. Here’s how to do it – first click the sound file and let it start playing.  Then click on the GMF link to get that running.  Then simply follow Mr Leahy along slide by slide.

The key points from his talk were the continued growth in aviation (doubles every 15 years no mater what), the transfer of aviation’s critical mass to emerging markets  and then finally the need for North American carriers to buy bigger planes because they won’t get more space at airports.  Mr Leahy is adamant that his firm’s decision to build the A380 was correct because, in the end, if growth continues as it has “since the start of the jet age”, then the only efficient way forward is larger planes.  As you go through the presentation you will see these themes repeated and cogently argued.

After the event, Mr Leahy spent three minutes speaking with us on camera.

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