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Exactly a year after announcing the ZEROe hydrogen program, Airbus has shared some further details on where it stands now. Behind the scenes, Airbus has been busy working on numerous technical sub-programs, concluded partnerships, and is now preparing the production of the first hardware, it said during the Aviation Summit in Toulouse on September 21-22. Airbus shares updates on ZEROe hydrogen project

Flashback to September 2021. ZEROe was unveiled, consisting of three potential concepts: a 100-seater turboprop with a 1.000 nautical miles range, a 200-seater turbofan with 2.000 nm range, plus a futuristic blended wing design. The Airbus roadmap targeted an entry into service in 2035 and a program launch in 2027-2028. Between now and the program launch, the airframer would research and develop the various concepts, with the aim of doing the first flight of a demonstrator in 2025. In December, a fourth concept was added to the program: a 100-seater blended wing.


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