The never-ending race between the duopoly is what gives many of a reason to come to work every day. For most of us, we hope, this is also a pleasure. Part of the pleasure for us is trying to untangle the flow of information, which grows opaque. Airbus doesn’t quite produce their O&D data the way one needs it and Boeing has hidden the MAX model details from the start. 

No matter, where we end up is using order information as a guide but not much more. Orders often puffery-driven by the desire to attract attention at airshows (remember those?). Deliveries are what counts. With the help of some “friends”, we put together this data model for your use.  It has 11 pages of ways to view Airbus and Boeing O&D from 2000 through the most recent month, in this case, September 2021. It gets updated every month.

As you go through it, if you find items that need updating, please let know. Remember, click the double-headed arrow at the bottom right to optimize your viewing.

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