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May 28, 2024
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Credit Suisse recently visited Alenia in Italy and last Friday published a note about this visit. Here are two pertinent quotes readers will find interesting – the first is “…we were pleasantly surprised at progress here, which today shows a highly automated facility that is now one of the most advanced composite operations in the world.” and the second is “BA acknowledges greater satisfaction with Alenia and condition of assembly is now 100% on Alenia’s work…”

Given that Alenia has been a concern for Boeing (BA) this visit and report is really a significant confidence booster.  As much as this is good news for Boeing, imagine what good news this is for Bombardier?

Alenia is doing a lot of work on the CS for Bombardier. Every time there was a hiccup on Alenia’s 787 work, there was an immediate knock on effect for Bombardier.  Despite the latter’s real experience with outsourcing and its quite different (and more detailed) approach to working with Alenia, Bombardier never seems quite able to placate the doubters.

Well the latest news from a highly credible third party should ally fears about Alenia.  If they have gotten the 787 work to a level that seems to satisfy Boeing then clearly the experience they have gained directly transmits into the work they are doing for Bombardier.

One more thought on Bombardier, since the PAS starts tomorrow.  Don’t expect big orders for the CS – as much as they want these, it probably may be too soon.  This is the PAS – in other words, it is a show where Airbus pulls out all the stops.  Airbus will make more news than anyone else. While they are making news with NEO, expect some CS bashing.  But realize that with every brickbat thrown at the CS, Airbus is in fact acknowledging that Bombardier’s CS is a very credible product.

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