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April 21, 2024
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We had a chance to speak Dennis Tajer, a spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association, and also a 21 year veteran pilot at American.  The conversation quickly moved into a review of the Chapter 11 situation plus its origins.  While the conversation is the view from organized labor, with its attendant bias, one is left with the impression that matters have sunk to a truly low level.  Morale is down. The Transport Workers Union and Flight attendants have joined the pilots in siding with the management at US Airways.  The pilots want the merger as soon as possible because they see the delays further disrupting the airline’s recovery.


1 thought on “American Airlines’ Pilots Want a Merger “Tomorrow”

  1. What makes the pilots think that the merger will make everything fine? Do they think change for the sake of change will be a positive move?
    Doug Parker can promise anything, but can he deliver or will his response be after the merger that the scene has changed and more cuts and layoffs will be needed.
    Ask the US flight attendants how they feel about their treatment by management or the east and west pilots who still after seven years are not on the same page.

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