The first western operated SSJ has arrived in Venice for completion.  The airplane is destined for delivery to Mexican airline, Interjet in March 2013.   This is an important milestone for both Sukhoi and SuperJet International.  To date the airplane has been operated in the CIS and the performance information has been influenced by where the information has been coming from.

For example, launch customer Amravia seemed delighted with the airplane which replaced an A319.  But then we heard the airline had returned the SSJ to Sukhoi – it appeared the airline was unhappy with it.  Later it transpired the airline could not afford the SSJ.  At Aeroflot we understand that unhappiness with the SSJ has nothing to do with its performance – rather there is a personality clash between the bosses at the airline and Sukhoi. This type of news flow has been confusing, to say the least.

Therefore the arrival of the airplane at a western airline will be the first time that SuperJet International will be able to show off the airplane’s performance in a setting that is more transparent.  Interjet has firm orders with SuperJet International for 20 SSJs. All will be in a 93-seat configuration.  It would be fair to say that interest in the performance of the airplane is eagerly awaited by many.  It is the first of the new (non derivative) airplanes in this segment.

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