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April 18, 2024


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A few days ago, Ampaire took its hybrid-electric Caravan demonstrator on a fantastic mission.  Ampaire believes the flight established a new record for hybrid electric aircraft endurance, with a total flight time of precisely 12 hours and had over 2 hours of fuel and battery reserves remaining.  The flight covered 1, 375 miles.

Through this groundbreaking mission, Ampaire has shattered the conventional boundaries of electrified fight, underscoring our relentless pursuit of transformative vehicle performance and commercial utility,” said Ampaire CEO Kevin Noertker. “Our unique hybrid electric solutions deliver unparalleled operating economics and unlock endurance and operational fexibility critical to our customer’s needs. The indomitable spirit of innovation within the entire Ampaire team propels us forward on this journey toward a sustainable future. It is a testament to our lasting commitment to pioneering excellence.”

Ampaire notes their EEL demonstrator aircraft is pivotal in advancing high-powered electronics, inverters, motors, and associated systems. The aircraft is the backbone for Ampaire’s innovative AMP-H570 AMP Drive™ hybrid electric propulsion unit. Ampaire’s Eco Caravan has achieved a remarkable 50 to 70 percent reduction in fuel consumption and emissions compared to traditional Pratt & Whitney PT6 turboprop engines.

The success of this test will please early customers who took some risks when placing orders. Their most significant order to date is from the UK. We have covered previous Ampaire successes.

One cannot envisage any Caravan operator flying nine people for 12 hours.  But that isn’t the point. The need to push their technology boosts confidence in their approach and the quality of the equipment.  This is not just a record-breaking flight.  It is also a sign that the concept of hybrid electric works as described and even comfortably exceeds what typical operators require.

Our US market research shows that a 300-mile range is the optimal number to focus on.

The biggest challenge facing small aircraft operators is range.  Ampaire has answered that challenge.  The Caravan is a valuable tool for the commercial market, as proven by its large customer base. Ampaire is doing tests all over, even in Alaska.

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