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April 17, 2024
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ANA HOLDINGS INC. reported stellar financial results for the nine months ending December 31, 2023. Driven by strong inbound and leisure demand, passenger business revenue significantly exceeded initial projections.

This surge, coupled with continued cost management efforts, resulted in a record-breaking operating income of 210.1 billion yen. This marks a record historical high for the nine-month period. During the time frame, the revenue increased by 284.9 billion yen.


ANA Financial Results, Record Profits of 210 Billion Yen
ANA Boeing 787

Impressive ANA Financial Results

  • Achieved a record historical high operating income of 210.1 billion yen.
  • Revenue increases by 284.9 billion yen.
  • Strategic cost management limits operating expenses to an increase of 173.7 billion yen.

ANA experienced a robust recovery in overall passenger demand, a resurgence primarily fueled by a combination of inbound and leisure travel demand. This expansion, however, came with an impressive increase in variable costs, attributable to the scaled-up operations undertaken by ANA during this period.

ANA Financial Results, Record Profits of 210 Billion Yen

Key Highlights

International Passenger Service (ANA)

  • Passenger volume and revenue saw significant year-on-year growth, fueled by solid business demand from Japan, strategic inbound travel capture, and robust leisure travel.
  • Route expansion included the resumption of Narita to Perth and China routes, alongside increased seat capacity on the popular Honolulu route.

ANA Financial Results, Record Profits of 210 Billion Yen

Domestic Passenger Service (ANA)

  • Despite slow business travel recovery, passenger volume and revenue increased. Strategic initiatives like the “ANA SUPER VALUE” sale stimulated leisure demand.
  • Fleet adjustments during peak periods maximized capacity to meet growing demand.

ANA Financial Results, Record Profits of 210 Billion Yen

Cargo Service (ANA)

  • International cargo volume and revenue decreased year-on-year, primarily due to declining demand from key industries like semiconductors and electronics.
  • Profitability focus saw ANA strategically adapt cargo operations based on route and demand trends.
  • Acquisition of Nippon Cargo Airlines announced, solidifying cargo presence.

LCC (Peach Aviation)

  • Strong domestic leisure demand and targeted inbound travel capture initiatives boosted passenger volume and revenue.
  • Frequency increases on key routes like Kansai to Incheon and Kansai to Hong Kong supported rising inbound demand.
ANA Financial Results, Record Profits of 210 Billion Yen
All Nippon Airways ANA

Outlook for FY2023 (April 2023 – March 2024)

Passenger business revenue exceeded initial projections, driven by strong international demand and robust domestic leisure travel.

Moreover, ANA is anticipating maintenance expense increases in the fourth quarter necessitating a revised FY2023 consolidated financial forecast.

ANA Financial Results, Record Profits of 210 Billion Yen

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