Airbus completed installation of the first flight-test engine on its A380 “flying-testbed” aircraft (MSN 001). The aircraft is seen here at Airbus’ Jean-Luc Lagardère site in Toulouse where the engine was mounted. The aircraft and engine will now be prepared for the flight-test campaign commencing in the coming weeks.

The Trent XWB engine, which is the largest Rolls-Royce turbofan to date, with a 118-inch diameter fan, is specially designed to power all members of the new Airbus A350 XWB Family.

The Trent XWB has a 118 inch fan and the Trent 900, the typical Rolls-Royce engine found on an has a 116 inch fan. The following chart illustrates the relative dimensions and outputs of the three big Trents. As you can see they are quite close in dimensions. The XWB engine will power the entire A350 family so has three various variants.

(engine images courtesy of Rolls-Royce)

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