Last Friday the aviation journalism fraternity lost a special member, Ben Sandilands.

Here is a link to background on this remarkable character.   Ben followed and reported on aviation for 60 years.  There was very little about the industry he did not know or have an educated opinion on.   You will read that Ben was a legend – he really was.  He was a walking aviation encyclopedia; having covered the industry for so long he knew everyone and also knew when the truth was scarce.  He had a warm giggle and smile, but a sharp word for those who skirted the truth.  Commercial aviation has a few of those.  You just have to read his work on MH370 to get a glimpse.

Ben was most frequently the first place to go when there was an “incident”.  He had that crucial item in the midst of news frenzy – context and experience.  Here is talking about the Germanwings crash.  You will note his calm voice and reasoned thinking.

Here is a list of Ben’s recent work.  We will miss him very much.

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