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Some two years ago at the 2021 Dubai Airshow, then-President and CEO of Boeing Global Services, Ted Colbert, said that Boeing would be “careful with the amount of capacity we put in the place and our investments.” With numerous 737-800BCF passenger-to-freighter lines announced at the time, capacity seemed adequate. Yet, despite the cooling down of the air cargo market, Boeing announced a new conversion line this week with Joramco in Jordan that fills a geographical niche.

Since 2016, Joramco is 80 percent-owned by Dubai-based lessor Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE). Its facility in Amman (Jordan) employs over 1.000 staff and undertakes maintenance, repairs, and overhaul of some 350 aircraft each year for over 130 customers. In HY1, Joramco/DAE Engineering contributed $69.1 million to DAE’s total revenues of $670 million.

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