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December 11, 2023
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Boeing recorded 157 deliveries and 184 gross orders in 2020, but a downpour of cancelations have resulted in a score of -1.026 net orders, the airframer announced on January 12. This compares to 380 deliveries, 246 gross orders, and -87 net orders in 2019.

The MAX scored just 27 deliveries, all of them in December after the type received approval from the regulatory authorities to return to service. American Airlines took ten deliveries, United eight and lessor CIT Leasing four. The type won 112 new orders, including 25 of Virgin Australia in November, and 75 from Ryanair plus seven from undisclosed customers in December.

It’s a small positive sign for Boeing, but overall 737 and MAX orders took a massive hit in 2020. Compare this: on December 31, 2019, it had a backlog of 4.389. A year later, this has been reduced by 1.068 to 3.321. That includes 710 orders Boeing has listed under ASC 606 Adjustments, meaning they are contractually committed but most uncertain to be taken up by the customer. The order book shows eighteen military 737-800As or P8s.

There were five 787-8 deliveries in 2020, 36 -9s, and twelve -10s. Quality issues and inspections on various composite fuselage and tailplane segments forced Boeing to suspend all Dreamliner deliveries after October. “While limiting our 787 deliveries for the quarter, these comprehensive inspections represent our focus on safety, quality, and transparency, and we’re confident that we’re taking the right steps for our customers and for the long term health of the 787 program”, CFO Greg Smith says in a media statement.

The 787-9 received eleven net orders, including four from Oman Air and three from Air Lease Corporation plus three from unidentified customers. The -10 order book grew with eleven orders from All Nippon Airways and seven from undisclosed customers. Unfilled orders stand at 513, including ASC adjustments reduced to 469.

Only four 777-300ERs left Everett, but more popular was the 777F with 22 deliveries, with DHL taken six of them. DHL also ordered eight additional freighters out of thirteen added to the book. Unfilled orders stand at 367 but after 17 adjustments are at 350. These include 309 777-8s and -9s, of which the backlog hasn’t changed.

The 767-300F freighter proved popular, with nineteen deliveries: fourteen to FedEx and five to UPS. FedEx also ordered four more -Fs, with five listed with undisclosed customers. There were also eleven deliveries of 767-2C Tankers, plus two orders from the Japanese self-defense force. The backlog for the 767 stands at 75.

UPS took delivery of all five 747-8Fs produced in the past year while placing an order for one in May. After three adjustments, eight Jumbo’s remain in the backlog. Just today, Boeing announced an order for four -8Fs from Atlas Air for delivery in 2022 when production of the 747-family comes to an end.

Adding up unfilled orders for all types, Boeing has a gross backlog of 4.997, reported 774 ASC 606 Adjustments. That makes a net backlog of 4.223.

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