The headlines for Boeing keep getting worse.    Today, new revelations emerged: 

  • A tape recording of a meeting between Boeing and American Airlines pilots that became contentious after the Lion Air crash but before the Ethiopian crash.
  • Boeing has begun to store new 737MAX aircraft in Texas as it has run out of space in Seattle.  
  • TUI, a European airline, reported millions in losses, partly attributed to the MAX grounding and needs clarity on a return to service as it adjusts short-term leases.
  • American’s CEO indicates that he would fly on a MAX once regulators approve a return to service and American’s pilots are comfortable in flying it. 
  • Chinese carriers are considering banding together for a joint claim against Boeing for the MAX groundings.
  • Boeing reported few orders  in April, despite the news.  
  • The FAA is also being grilled in Congress about the certification process that let the MAX flaws fall between the cracks.

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