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boeing_logoFresh off impressive quarterly results that caught the stock market by surprise, Boeing announced orders from Korean Air. The highlight of that order is surely the 747-8 component, especially after adjusting production on this program. The came the order from ElAl.

And today there is even better news.  China’s economy has shown signs of slowing until recently.  But the latest news seems to show some recovery.  The new order for 200 MAXs is a great boost to the program. Especially when one considers that China has an Airbus factory and the COMAC C919 is due to start flying in 2016.  China’s government has to approve the order of course.

Even given the fact that most orders are announced at retail, while the real number is probably closer to 50% of that, a list $21bn MAX order is huge.  Boeing has 1,567 MAXs on order and the pending China order grows this by over 11%.  Boeing is having a splendid week.

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