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April 12, 2024
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Bombardier announced an order today from a “major network carrier” for 10 CSeries aircraft, and that this operator will be the first operator of the type. Bombardier has been criticized recently about the slow order book for the CSeries, and the lack of a launch customer. This order will help in both regards.

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2 thoughts on “Bombardier Adds Unidentified Launch Customer for CSeries

  1. How does a customer too embarassed to be mentioned by name “help in both regards”?

  2. There are many valid reasons for a customer to not want to be mentioned until the deal is closed, but Canadian securities laws require disclosure of material events by Bombardier that constrain it in ways US and European laws don’t for Boeing and Airbus. Thus, even if a customer isn’t ready, BBD is forced to disclose within 24 hours of a definitive agreement. The customer might prefer another time, to make a bigger splash than at Paris. But I do agree it would be nice to know right off the bat, instead of later.

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