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June 19, 2024
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Bombardier at NBAA 2022 featured several topics, including the Global 8000, innovative interior offerings, growth in service and support capabilities, a new pre-owned factory-certified aircraft resale program, establishment of a special missions business for military applications, and an agreement with Signature on SAF.  

CEO Eric Martel and VP Jean Christophe Gallagher briefed the media on the Global 8000, the newest interior offerings, and support and service programs at NBAA 2022. A video of their press conference follows:

Bombardier at NBAA 2022 featured its latest product, the Global 8000 with a new executive interior.

Bombardier at NBAA 2022

As a part of the continuing interior innovations, the Nuage cube was introduced as an accompaniment to the Nuage seat and Nuage chaise on their flagship models.  The Nuage cube is a lightweight upholstered ottoman that can be positioned on any side to provide additional seating, additional workspace, and provide additional flexibility throughout the cabin, and is featured in the photo above.

Éric Martel also discussed the new military and special missions unit Bombardier created that will be headquartered at Wichita, in the facilities once utilized for Learjet production.  It is anticipated that the new business unit will utilize all of the former Learjet production facilities and increase employment and Bombardier’s already substantial presence in the US.  We would expect to see Global and Challenger models emerging with advanced radars and surveillance systems for applications such as maritime patrol and command and control platforms.  

The company is also taking sustainability quite seriously, announcing an agreement with Signature on Sustainable Aviation Fuels and testing a new model Eco-Jet which incorporates a lifting body blended wing design.  The company has begun wind tunnel tests of models of the new design, which will likely provide a 20% boost in fuel efficiency and an equivalent reduction in carbon footprint.  Combined with evolving propulsion technologies and the use of SAF, this design could become the basis for a more sustainable future for Bombardier in business aviation.

Bombardier at NBAA 2022

Bombardier, after leaving the commercial aircraft business to focus on business aircraft, is refining its operations for the future and is well-positioned for future growth.

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