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June 21, 2024
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Bombardier celebrated the entry into service of its first Global 7500 Business Jet at an event at the Laurent Beaudoin Completion Center in Dorval yesterday, with customers, suppliers, selected industry representatives and employees in attendance.

Alain Bellemare, David Coleal, and Michel Ouelette discuss the new aircraft.

David Coleal, President of Bombardier Business Aircraft, indicated that the new model is already a success and sold out for the next three years, with the earliest new delivery slots available in 2022.  Typically, a surge in sales occurs after entry into service, as confidence in the aircraft is assured, which should push the backlog out further.  David’s remarks at the event can be found in our video here, which unfortunately is difficult to hear due to the large crowd and noise.  You may need to turn the volume up, but be ready to turn it down when the crowd applauds.

The Global 7500 is both the longest range purpose-built business jet and also is the largest cabin of any purpose-built business jet.  With a four partition cabin, innovative seating, and shorter take-off and landing distances than its competition, the Global 7500 has taken the industry up another step function in performance and capability.

With a range of 7,700 nautical miles, the Global 7500 has the range to operate from New York to Hong Kong non-stop.  It also operates with shorter take-off and landing distances than its competition, being able to take off from a 5,800-foot runway and land in 2,850 feet.

Alain Bellemare, CEO of Bombardier, was particularly proud of the achievement of the team of engineers and operations people that were able to complete the aircraft and certify it in a short period of time and within budget.  He indicated plans are to produce 5-10 aircraft in the first half of 2019, and 15-20 in the second half of 2019 as the company ramps up to produce around 40 per year.  The slow ramp-up is to ensure a very smooth entry into service for customers and to optimize the production processes of the new aircraft without the pressure of high volume deliveries to ensure the highest quality.  Alain’s remarks can be heard here.

Michel Ouelette, Sr. VP of Engineering for Bombardier Business Aircraft, indicated that “the celebration is a testament to the rigor and excellence of the Global 7500 program, from the drawing board to entry into service.”  For this aircraft, much of the design and testing was accomplished on the ground, before flying the airplane, and the flight test program primarily validated the findings from the “iron bird” and systems testing on the ground.  More than 40,000 items were covered in the certification process, with more than 28,000,000 data points provided in paperwork that, if stacked, would be taller than the Statue of Liberty.   Michel’s remarks, primarily in French, can be heard here.

The Global 7500 cockpit features the latest in avionics, including synthetic vision integrated with enhanced vision on the heads-up display to aid pilots in poor weather conditions.  Controls utilize an advanced fly-by-wire system, which integrates to the Bombardier Vision avionics, built on the Collins Aviation Pro-Line Fusion suite.

Powering the Global 7500 are the new GE Passport engines, which adopted technologies from GE’s commercial engines to maximize efficiency and durability.  Producing 18,650 pounds of thrust each, these engines are fuel efficient, enabling long-range operations.

Bombardier is known for its wing design, which provides a smoother ride by absorbing buffeting nearer the wingtips and away from the cabin.  That smooth ride, combined with the innovative Nuage seat, provides a very comfortable cabin for the Global 7500.

The four section cabin, a first for a purpose-built business jet, offers a variety of interior configurations, including a bedroom, shown below.  With a full stand-up shower, Bombardier now offers a permanent bedroom area, rather than one that is converted from a divan, as in older models and competing aircraft.  The additional two meters of cabin length, along with an additional zone, differentiate the cockpit.

The cabin configuration of the Global 7500 provides exceptional comfort for up to 19 passengers.  The cabin offers a six-place conference table, that can also be utilized for formal dining.

The innovative Nuage seat, which is the result of seven years of research and development, is shown below and provides the latest in ergonomics.


The Bottom Line:

At the top end of the business jet market, innovation is critical to success as aircraft OEMs play leapfrog with each new model designed.  Bombardier, with the Global 7500, has just made a leap over its major competitor.  The Global 7500 is an outstanding aircraft, and well worthy of a celebration.

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