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June 17, 2024
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At the 2012 Farnborough show, CSeries program boss Rob Dewar explains why they remain confident in the timeline.  He shows pictures of the parts being assembled and seems highly confident that despite time shrinkage, the program remains on time. His confidence was echoed by Commercial Aerospace President Mike Arcamone.

Part 2 of the Bombardier presentation

7 thoughts on “Bombardier Confident in its CSeries Timeline

  1. It still can fly this year but even if it slips a bit, they are still doing better than Airbus and Boeing did with their new plane programs.

    I am more interested in the news that Bombardier is in talks with AirAsia about a more densely packed 160-seat version of its CSeries jet.

  2. Sardine can configuration. Bombardier is tops in this field. Just look at the space and roominess of the RJ

  3. You cannot compare the CRJ with the CSeries. You are right to point out the limited space available inside the CRJ. But that aircraft is based on a business jet design that dates more than 35 years.

    The CSeries cabin is only three inches smaller in diameter than a Boeing 737, but it is only a five-abreast. Even with a ten inches smaller diameter than the six-abreast A320 it is still more comfortable because of its wider centre seat and larger aisle. And you can enter the rear washroom in a wheel chair.

    The CSeries also has larger windows, comparable in size to those of the Boeing 777. And the cabin humidity and altitude is to the same modern standard as is the Dreamliner.

    If you take into consideration the fact that the CSeries has by far the quietest engines currently available, you can imagine the degree of comfort this new state of the art aircraft will offer to its passengers.

    The pilots will also be delighted by the most ergonomic cockpit ever designed by man. Some might actually believe it was designed by God. 🙂

  4. Right points, and: you mean the Higgs Boson designed the CSeries cockpit? xD just kidding LOL

    about the CSeries cockpit there’s an interesting video by BBD:

    “Designed yes with Engineers, but by Pilots for Pilots”
    I like that!

  5. A little inside information: No matter the diameter, a sardine can is a sardine can. Also you will notice BBD is notoriously famous for copying and tweaking existing or impending designs.
    Excluding Bill Lear’s original design which was eventually remodeled as the Challenger and then stretched to death as the CRJ. It’s also interesting to note how much the Cseries and SSJ are spitting images ( except for a few changes as winglets) of the defunct Dornier 728 jet. Both companies aspired to buy the program and thus had access to all technical data including the blueprints.

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