Bombardier is featuring a new sound system, named l’Opéra, for the Global 7500 that will be featured at the -BACE in Las Vegas next week. L’Opéra integrates full range speakers that are custom designed and placed to match the floor plan of the aircraft to achieve an immersive audio experience at every seat. The Touch interface controls and can position the sweet spot to the listener’s precise location in the cabin.

Bombardier’s l’Opéra features 1,275 watt speakers, a combination of high and mid-range drivers designed to optimize frequency range and eliminate distortion, and customizes them to the floor plan of the aircraft.

The seat-centric audio technology is unique to the Global 7500 business jet. Peter Likoray, Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales and Marketing, stated “we’re pleased to demonstrate yet another innovative feature, like Bombardier’s l’Opéra on the Global 7500 aircraft. The Global 7500 jet is redefining the in-flight experience. To that end, we worked with our partners to develop the most audio system in the industry, providing an immersive audio experience designed to rival that of advanced home audio systems for the ultimate in listening pleasure.”

L’Opéra combines digital signal processing, class D amplifiers, a fibre optic backbone and high quality digital to analog conversion. A deep base integrated subwoofer, combined with the latest Dolby Digital surround sound and ear- speakers offers a unique in-flight cinematic experience. The l’Opéra system is standard equipment on the Global 7500.

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