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February 23, 2024
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WestJet announced it selected Bombardier to supply aircraft for its new regional airline, expected to launch in the second half of 2013. The airline will fly the Q400NG to new cities, existing destinations not currently connected by WestJet, and will allow for schedule improvements on certain routes where a smaller aircraft can efficiently provide greater frequency.

“We are very impressed with the Q400,” commented Gregg Saretsky, WestJet  President and CEO. WestJet said the “Q400’s combination of range, speed and seat density is the best choice”. WestJet has signed a letter of intent to purchase 20 Q400s with the option to purchase a further 25 aircraft.

The deal is important on many levels and was a “must win” for Bombardier. The Q400 now appears to be set for an excellent 2012. It is likely to be the favorite for the upcoming Garuda order (40) and is likely to be a front runner when Skywest starts to consider refleeting, too.

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1 thought on “Bombardier wins WestJet

  1. “Must win” is right – a billion dollar endorsement of an airplane that had all kinds of question marks surrounding it after an absolutely miserable 2011, a year during which ATR had orders coming out the wazoo. This is a key order and an affirmation that the Q is able to beat the thrifty but less capable ATR in an open fight.

    When the competition was announced I figured ATR would be at a disadvantage given their huge backlog and Westjet wanting planes quick. Then Kingfisher cancelled and I knew Bombardier would have to really win fair and square. Kudos.

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