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If you find flying unpleasant these days, you are in the majority. But as you will see below, there is a hive of activity going on thinking about what one can do with the confined space that is an airplane cabin.

This ‘Imagine Innovations Flying Tomorrow’ video was put together by the Airbus Cabin Innovation and Design team following a collaborative study undertaken by the BDLI Network Cabin | Cargo.

Airbus seems to be finding new ways to expand the role of the A380 without working on the long rumored -900 model. At Innovation Days last week the OEM showed the following slides. Continue reading

Air Baltic has become launch customer for Satisfly. The system allows you to register a profile and then ensure you are seated next to somebody that is highly likely to be interesting to you. Its a neat idea and should make flying more fun again.


If one were to believe airline industry critics, airlines are a major cause of global warming. Despite the industry’s claim that it accounts for less than 2% of gases that can be blamed for pollution. Why let data spoil a good story? Continue reading

A lot has been said about Air Asia’s CEO. Here he is speaking at Airbus when he took delivery of the airline’s 100th A320. He is obviously a very compelling man. It is clear that he loves what he does, and it is clear why his company is so successful. This is an amazing story that had the aviation media audience enthralled. The top Airbus people were sitting right front of our camera and you can hear them enjoying the jokes.

Mr Fernandes and the Airbus management are clearly very close and the friendship seems real and sincere.

Part 1

Part 2

As part of the Innovation Days 2012 event, Airbus EVP Strategy & Future Programmes offered a view on how the company is thinking about emerging technologies. Airbus is investing in numerous new technologies to improve commercial aviation. The range of the company’s interests is really wide and spreads from airport to air traffic management. Improvements in operations seems to offer a significant amount of fuel and pollution by improving efficiencies.