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March 2, 2024
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AirInsight has released its latest in-depth report on the Bombardier CSeries program.  The report consists of 55 pages of analysis and charts.  A significant portion of the report is focused on the history since our previous 2012 report.   The report explains the path Bombardier worked through to achieve its EIS and how it is planning to continue recovering momentum.


For your copy, please email us.  The report sells for $750.

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1 thought on “Bombardier’s CSeries at EIS

  1. Your first CSeries report was issued in 2010, and I remember that at that time whenever I was doing a Google search to find more news about the CSeries I was bumping into that AI report. If I recall correctly it was entitled “The Business Case for the CSeries”. Air Insight was one of the first professional institutions to report on the CSeries, along with LNC and Flight Global. But your initial report never had any equivalent. It helped the professional people to learn more about the CSeries and it contributed to make the aircraft better known in the industry, and indirectly to the public at large.

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