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April 24, 2024
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Braathens has placed an order for 10 Bombardier CSeries aircraft, with 10 options for use by its subsidiary Malmö Aviation based at Stockholm’s downtown Bromma Airport.  Their order includes both models of the CSeries, 5 CS100 models with 110 seats and 5 CS300 models with 130 seats.

CS100 and CS300 for Malmö Aviation

Malmö intends to utilize the CSeries from Bromma, which is very convenient to downtown Stockholm, but has short runways and noise concerns.  The CSeries, with excellent short-field performance and noise that is more than twice as quiet as existing aircraft of similar size, with outstanding environmental credentials,  fits their requirements ideally.  The CSeries utilizes Pratt & Whitney PW1500G geared turbofan engines.

Malmö currently operates 12 jet aircraft, and will utilize the CSeries to expand its position as the leading operator from Bromma with new flights throughout the region.

With a long hiatus between orders, Bombardier’s CSeries has finally begun to pick up momentum, and the company anticipates several orders this year.  However, unlike some manufacturers who can hold orders for announcement at air shows, , Bombardier, under Canadian securities laws, must announce orders within 24 hours as material financial transactions.  As a result, Bombardier can’t play the Air Show game as well as Airbus, who tend to hold orders for Air Show announcements.

This makes it more difficult for Bombardier to finalize orders at air shows, where its executives are already quite busy with other events.   But as evidenced by this order, Bombardier is working hard to close as many as it can and begin to build momentum for the CSeries – before, during, and after the Paris Air Show.

This order brings the firm order book for the CSeries to 100, with 100 options.

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