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April 12, 2024
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The aviation social meeting are a flutter with the news that Embraer has chosen the PW GTF for the re-engining of its popular E-Jets.


With Mitsubishi, Bombardier, Airbus and Irkut already having chosen the GTF, this would be the 5th manufacturer to choose the PW PurePower engine, and the second, along with the A320neo, to use it as a re-engining program. The GTF will replace the CF-34-10 from General Electric currently used on the E-Jets. ┬áThis is another major win for Pratt & Whitney and its new technology engine that promises a 15% reduction in fuel burn and a 15db, reduction in noise compared to today’s engines.

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2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Embraer to Select PW GTF for E-Jets Re-engining

  1. As expected some times ago. To compete Embraer has to have a fuel efficient engine…Boeing should be next!

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