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July 20, 2024
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A very interesting aviation biofuel test was undertaken this week.  Take a look here.

The eye popping part for us is the 1.5% fuel burn improvement.  That alone should have every airline manager sit up straight and pay attention.  So far we have seen many blended biofuel tests. All have come in with great results.  But here we have an unblended test.

Besides the significant better fuel burn, 50% lower aerosol emissions should have everyone in the Green Movement overjoyed.  Throw in static engine ground tests that showed reduction of up to 25% in particles and up to 49% in black carbon emissions compared to the fossil fuel equivalent and airline managers and Greens should be swooning.

The fuel is greener – no question.  Note there is no talk of the cost of this fuel. But whatever its cost, it can only go down over time. Can’t say that about fossil fuels, can you?  The fuel burn improvement is big and worthy of consideration.  We are bullish on biofuels and eager to see what comes next.

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