We have our latest estimates in and the program continues to to accelerate towards its 2,400 hour goal. Based on our estimates the flight test program has passed  83% of its target.  If current monthly hours continue at 200, the program is two months from completion.

Of interest in June is that FTV2 did not add test flight hours.

FTV5 did the trip to Paris and Zurich and then back. This is a picture of the test station on FTV5 when we walked through it in Paris. DSC_4163

Meanwhile here are our updated estimates.  The last three months have seen steady increases in monthly hours.  2015-07-01_7-57-57

It is now clear how much that delay last year cost the program.  Had there been no engine problem, it could be fairly argued the program would be in certification now and reaching EIS a lot earlier.  Which would have helped the sales team big time.

But here we are.  It looks like the aircraft is doing well – it beat the brochure and is performing better than expected.  With the horizon on flight tests and certification in view, the biggest test of all looms: build the order book.  The target was 300 firm orders at EIS.  The sales team needs 57 orders over the next six months to reach that target.

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