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The Pre-Owned A380

News this week about Singapore Airlines not renewing the lease on its first A380 has caused a flutter.  The considered opinion is that this is another piece of bad news for the Airbus program.  The Wall Street Journal has this view: “But it is another symbolic hit for...

Is It Time For Lessors to Boycott India-Based Airlines?

The Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment is an international treaty that enables leasing companies to repossess aircraft, among other assets, in the event of a default by the lessor.   The protocols under the treaty work well, and...

Podcast – Kingfisher faces another test

India's Kingfisher Airlines had another challenge when it ran into IATA's clearing house rules. The airline has about a third of its fleet out of action. One would think that these challengers are making the future of the airline ever more tenuous. Apparently not...

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