This chart is showing one or perhaps both. Is there Covid fatigue? You bet. Taking away mobility has been a big price to pay during the pandemic. Not just for business travelers.  The US is a big place and the only way to see people is to fly.  High-speed trains have a limited impact on Americans’ travel needs.

We think there is also growing confidence among US travelers that they can travel with masks and ensure their health risks are minimized. Essentially we think people increasingly may be of the view they can manage the exposure risk.  Infection and fatality rates may not carry the same shock value they did in April and May. Moreover, with the vaccine out people may feel the end of the pandemic is in sight.

The traffic trends appear to be testing new highs. The news of a virus mutation should crimp travel, but we hear the vaccines may be able to deal with these, too.

Are people learning to live with Covid and regaining their confidence to travel?  What are your thoughts about air travel these days?


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