The CSeries has resumed flight testing, and flight test vehicle 4 has been commandeered by the marketing team to make visits to customers and prospects.  This week, FTV4 visited Republic Airways in Indianapolis, as shown in this video.  Republic was an early CSeries customer, ordering 40 aircraft in February 2010 and is their largest customer.


The next day, the aircraft visited Dallas, the home base of potential customers American and Southwest.  While we don’t have details or specific insight into these marketing trips, it is a good sign that Bombardier is confident about the aircraft and now demonstrating it to potential customers.  These visits are the first of a worldwide tour expected for the CSeries.

It also appears that as flight testing has resumed, the pace has stepped up to two per day for some of the aircraft.  If that pace can be continued, the flight test program will be able to be completed within the projected time frame for in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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