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US airline market concentration at 3Y18

Consolidation among US airlines has seen a sharp rise in the market power of a few very big companies. Looking only at the 3Y18 numbers we see the following. The big three account for over 60% of the market. Adding number four takes the concentration to over 70%. The...

Interview with Bryan Bedford

We had the opportunity to interview Bryan Bedford, CEO of Republic Airways, on several topics important to regional airlines at RAA 2018. https://youtu.be/O4_R_yAuDOQ

US airline industry fleet concentration

As of the 2Q18, here is where we stood with the US airline industry in-service fleet. The top four airlines accounted for 79% of the fleet.  That is concentrated and clearly points to industry followers needing to be au fait with oligopoly economics to understand the...

Trans States going to Republic?

Breaking news tonight comes from The Air Current about Trans States being bought by Republic. As the story points out, such a deal is likely to be a major blow to Mitsubishi and their MRJ ambitions.  The other shoe to drop here is we can now see where Republic is...