Daher announced on Monday that the new TBM 940 has been certified by EASA, enabling deliveries to customers to begin.  

The TBM 940 features an automated throttle, reducing pilot workload, as well as an automated icing detection system.  Both of these features are firsts for production turboprop aircraft under 12.500 lbs.

The autothrottle system, which eliminates the propeller control, significantly reduces pilot workload during flight, enabling the pilot to fly the airplane rather than to focus on maintaining proper engine settings.  The autothrottle will also optimize performance based on existing conditions, including altitude and temperature, improving efficiency for the aircraft.


The automated icing detection system will also enable a reduction in pilot workload, as the system will alert the pilot when de-icing actions may be required.  This will ensure that pilots are aware of icing and enable action before icing build-ups could pose a potential danger.


In addition to the aircraft improvements, Daher has also enhanced its “me and my TBM” application to enable pilots to share their flight plans and performance through different media, as well as analyze key maintenance parameters on-line.

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