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June 25, 2024
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Dassault today introduced the Falcon 6X, a new business jet powered by the Pratt & Whitney Canada Pure Power 800 engine. The aircraft has a 5,500 nm range and will make its first flight in early 2021, with deliveries beginning in 2022. The new jet has the largest, quietest, and most comfortable cabin of any aircraft in its class, and has a larger cabin volume than any other Falcon Jet ever designed.

The Falcon 6X effectively replaces the Falcon 5X program that was canceled late last year after SAFRAN’s SNECMA unit was unable to deliver the Silvercrest engines on time. The 6X is largely based on the 5X aerodynamics and system features validated during the 5X preliminary flight test program, optimized to take advantage of the new engine that enabled a larger cabin and longer range.

“We wanted to further push the boundaries with this new aircraft to provide the best flight experience possible using today’s aviation know-how,” said Eric Trappier, Chairman, and CEO of Dassault Aviation. “The Falcon 6X will offer a mix of range, comfort and capability no other large-cabin business jet can match while guaranteeing fully mature systems and a proven powerplant.”

With 29 extra-large windows and a unique galley skylight, the Falcon 6X provides significantly more natural light than other aircraft. “The industry has been moving towards ever wider and higher interiors, and customers told us what they wanted most in our new Falcons was more space. So we designed the Falcon 6X from the cabin out, making it as passenger-centric as we could while still delivering the high performance and other flying qualities that customers value in Falcons,” continued Trappier.

The Falcon 6X has a top speed of Mach 0.90 and a maximum range of 5,500 nautical miles, longer than any other jet in its category. It can fly from Los Angeles to Geneva, Beijing to San Francisco or Moscow to Singapore non-stop at long-range cruise speeds, and can fly New York to Moscow, Paris to Beijing or Los Angeles to London at Mach 0.85.

The PW812D engines, rated at 13,000-14,000 lbs thrust, power the 6X and are well proven. The PW800 engines feature the common core technology of the PW Geared Turbofan, shared by 16 different engine applications with more than 585,000 flight hours in service.
“With the new Falcon 6X, our PurePower PW800 engine once again demonstrates its leadership in the long-range business jet category, said Irene Makris, Vice-President, Marketing, Pratt & Whitney Canada. The PW812D offers the highest level of technology available, paired with the reliability provided by an award-winning platform.”

A number of factors contribute to the reliability of the PW812D, including a single piece fan, emissions-reducing Talon combustor, and advanced diagnostic technologies that provide the highest efficiency, reliability, and maintainability in its class.

The 6X wing is ultra-efficient and incorporates a novel “flaperon” control that considerably improves control during approaches, especially on steep descents. The 6X is the first business jet to utilize flaperon technology.

Avionics will include an all-new cockpit and third generation EASy III all-digital flight deck and will include the FalconEye Combined Vision System that is the first heads-up display to combine enhanced and synthetic vision capabilities. The FalconSphere II electronic flight bag will also be standard equipment for the aircraft.

Dassault will utilize its Highly Accelerated Life Tests and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening endurance techniques to enhance the reliability of the aircraft prior to entry into service and expects to deliver the first aircraft in 2022.

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