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May 27, 2024
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Falcon5X-DassaultDassault Aviation launched a new Falcon Jet model at the National Business Aircraft Association convention, the Falcon 5X, which will compete with the Gulfstream 450 and Bombardier Global 5000 in the super mid-size market segment.

This clean-sheet twin-engine aircraft will be powered by new SNECMA Silvercrest engines and is expected to offer significantly better economics and a larger cabin than either of its major competitors.

The twin-engine configuration is a departure from the traditional tri-jet configurations from Falcon for larger business jets.  With seating for 16 passengers, the differentiating factor for the 5X is the interior dimensions of its cabin.  The new fuselage is taller and wider than the Falcon 7X, providing a 6’6” stand up cabin, and an 8’6” cabin width, wider than the Gulfstream 650 cabin.

Falcon 5x Interior

The 5X provides a maximum range of 5,200 nm at M0.8, or 4,750 at M.85.  With a new wing design that includes a “flaperon” for low speed approaches into shorter runways, the approach speed of 105 knots will easily enable service to smaller airports with steep approaches, including London City.

Economics of the 5X are a key element, in keeping with Dassault’s reputation for efficient airplanes.  The 5X is projected to have 30% better cash operating costs than the G450, and 33% better cash operating costs than the Global 5000.  The new Silvercrest engine from SNECMA is expected to provide a 15% reduction in fuel burn, with aerodynamics and optimized airframe design providing additional benefits.


Eric Trappier, CEO of Dassault Aviation said “The Falcon 5X is the new benchmark for the creative use of advanced technology in business aviation.  With design and manufacturing software systems pioneered by Dassault, we are able to build a larger, more comfortable, and more capable aircraft.”  We look forward to its first flight in 2015 and entry into service in early 2017.

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