Delta Air Lines reports it will upgrade its in- Wi-Fi service with broadband speeds and expanded coverage. The upgrades will extend Wi-Fi access beyond the shores of the North America customers traveling between the U. S. and Latin America or the Caribbean. Gogo will begin updating Delta’s long-haul domestic aircraft currently using air-to-ground technology with satellite-based technology starting in 2016.

In addition, Delta will support Gogo’s efforts to develop the industry’s newest technology with Gogo’s next generation air-to-ground service its short-haul aircraft, which will feature faster connection at broadband speeds.

than 250 of Delta’s long-haul aircraft used on domestic, Latin American and Caribbean routes will have access to Wi-Fi when they fly over water or outside existing air-to-ground service areas with the upgrades to 2Ku. The satellite-based system will be installed on:

2Ku service will also be offered on Delta’s Airbus A321 aircraft when they enter the Delta’s beginning in 2016.  Delta has completed installation of Ku-band satellite Wi-Fi on than one-third of its international and will be 85% complete by the end of 2015.

By mid-2016, its entire international fleet, including all of its Boeing 777, 767, 747, Airbus A330 and transoceanic aircraft operating on long-haul routes will offer Wi-Fi. The addition of in- Internet on nearly 150 aircraft will expand the number of Delta’s aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi to approximately 1,000 to offer customers the most global Wi-Fi access of any carrier. 2Ku service will be offered on Airbus A330-900neo and A350-900 aircraft when they enter the Delta fleet

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