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April 21, 2024
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A conversation with Guy Norris (Aviation Week) and Jon Ostrower (Wall Street Journal) on what Boeing does next with respect to replacing the 757 and fending off the A321LR.

5 thoughts on “What does Boeing do next?

  1. “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” This quote is commonly attributed to hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, and has been frequently quoted by Steve Jobs and many others. The difficulty with the new small aircraft is predicting what carriers are going to demand between the years 2030 and 2070. In practice, it’s a very complex risk mitigation exercise. One way to mitigate risk, certainly, is to buy time, which is probably what Boeing intends to do.

    Personally, I feel that a clean sheet 737 is superfluous because the 737 could just as well be incrementally developed to get some extra percentage points of reduced fuel burn. BCA VP-marketing Randy Tinseth said during NPAA with respect to the 757 that carriers ask for something that is 20% larger. I see great potential for a flexible seat track system that allows for single aisle in some classes and twin aisle 7-abreast in basic economy, provided the evacuation test can be made to work.

  2. 7 abreast in steerage ? hmm, lets see, thats 2 14 in aisles, and 7 16 in seats? how does that fit you?

  3. this wouldmkae lotsa sense, , for the 200-230 seat models, redo the wing le slats for a more aggressive profile, add the 77s blade tail, maybe redo the nose.

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