Embraer has confirmed that the first model of its E2 Jets, the E190-E2, will be delivered to Widerøe in April, 2018.  This will be another on-time arrival of a new aircraft for Embraer, who projected the first delivery before June 30 of next year.   The initial aircraft will be the first of up to 15 E2 Jets for Widerøe, who have 3 firm orders and 12 purchase rights.

Embraer has certified 12 new aircraft in the last 17 years, and has a strong track record of being on-time and on-budget for its programs, whether commercial or business jets.

“Since the program was launched, the first half of 2018 has been our target, and now we are making good on this commitment.  From the beginning the E2 program has been, and remains on time, on budget and better than the initial specification. We’ll deliver to the market a mature and robust aircraft” said John Slattery President and CEO.

The E190-E2 is powered by a Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan, and the operating economics of the new model provide a substantial 15% improvement in fuel economy over the existing E190, while substantially reducing noise and emissions.  The E2-190 will be a “green aircraft” for Widerøe.

Widerøe is looking forward to EIS and actively planning for a smooth transition.  Stein Nielsen, their CEO stated “We have been working very closely with Embraer teams in order to guarantee a very smooth Entry Into Service. We are eager for the coming months, when will intensify the familiarization with the aircraft, with immersion training for the technical teams, ground handling, flight operations and cabin attendants.”

The Bottom Line:  Another early and under budget aircraft development program for Embraer.


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