Brazilian airframer Embraer delivered just 44 commercial aircraft in 2020, only half of the 89 in the previous year. The lower numbers reflect the impact of the Covid-crisis on both production of the E-jets buts especially of the (un)willingness of airlines to take delivery of them. Deliveries were back loaded, with most of them taking place in the final quarter of the year.

Of the 44 deliveries, 32 were for E175s. Of these, 21 left Sao Jose dos Campos in Q4. The total number compares to 67 in 2019.
Next on the list is the E195-E2 with a total of seven deliveries during the year and six in Q4. These numbers are identical to those in the previous year. Four E190-E2 were delivered in 2020, including a single aircraft in Q4. This compares to a total of seven in 2019. Only one E190 joined an airline, while five were delivered in 2019.
Executive jet deliveries were also down on the previous with at 86 versus 109, including 56 Phenoms and thirty Legacy’s and Praetors.

Embraer’s backlog for commercial airliners stands at 281, down from 338 a year ago. There are 139 E195-E2s to be delivered and 132 E175s, but only seven E190-E2 and three E190s.
Total and historical orders and options by type stand at 171 for the E170 (0 options), 798 E175s (291 options), 568 E190s (0 options), 172 E195s (0 options), 22 E190-E2s (61 options), and 153 E195-E2s (47 options).

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