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July 18, 2024
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Embraer is known for a strong engineering team of young engineers, and is celebrating the 20th anniversary of a program that has helped them achieve their strong capabilities. That program is the Engineering Specialization Program, which helps accelerate the learning process for recently graduated engineers to work in aerospace. The program offers a professional master’s degree from Brazil’s Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA) and includes courses that prepare engineers to work in multidisciplinary teams at Embraer.

The program has evolved as technology evolves, and recent courses include topics such as Industry 4.0, Data Science, and Project Prototyping using 3D Printing, With classes taught by professors, company professionals, and consultants, students are prepared for working at Embraer. In recent years, the program has become a key gateway for engineers seeking work at Embraer.

“Diversity, innovation and a genuine desire to build a sustainable future are some of the differentials of our Engineering Specialization Program, which has become a reference in knowledge management and has strengthened Embraer’s holistic, flexible, creative and collaborative engineering culture,” said Luis Carlos Affonso, Embraer’s Senior Vice President of Engineering, Technology and Strategy. “Embraer’s recognized technical and technological capacity is part of our DNA of innovation and will continue to be developed through partnerships and initiatives for training and qualification of new talents, stimulated to create the future’s most innovative products in the industry.”

The first class took place on March 19, 2001. The teaching methodology entail teaching through strategy through the use of prototyping that encourages groups to create tangible solutions for real problems. In the final phase of the program, participants work as members of a team to develop an aeronautical product concept that meets the requirements of a proposed challenge, seeking a technically and economically viable solution.

The teamwork approach also aids the development of the attitudes, behaviors, and emotional intelligence to promote teamwork, flexibility, communications, leadership, and empathy that are key to the work environment.

Each class receives more than 3,000 hours of theoretical and practical training on a full-time basis. The program is quite selective, with more than 5,000 applications per year for a program that has averaged 80 students annually over the last two decades.

Embraer’s workforce, which includes a strong influx of engineering talent, enabled the company to recently develop 14 new aircraft in period of 14 years, with virtually all of them on-time and under-budget. The company’s focus on education and training, including a focus on behavioral skills and an innovative corporate culture, has had a lot of do with that success.

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