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May 29, 2024
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Bombardier announced today that Warsaw-base Eurolot ordered eight Q400s plus 12 options.  Based on list price for the Q400 the firm order contract is valued at $246 million. The contract value would increase to $625 million when all 12 options are converted to firm orders.

The news caps a good week for Bombardier. They are enmeshed in a tough battle for a crucial turboprop order (with ATR) from WestJet. Both OEMs are doing custom painted airplanes for the competition in Calgary.  There is no picture of the custom painted ATR yet. There is a good summary of the state of the competition here.

WestJet is doing the right thing in terms of having the two fight for the order. ATR wants to win the deal because a Canadian win for them would be a blow to Bombardier. On the other hand, Bombardier needs to win this deal just as much. The home team card is no longer as compelling as it once was. This will be a tough battle. At least Bombardier has the Eurolot win under its belt going into the Calgary Turboprop Rodeo.

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